Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in our brewery. Discover the historic setting with a unique view over the modern brewing hall. 

Waiter brasserie Brouwerij De Halve Maan

Fine dining in our brewery 

Inside our brewery you’ll find our restaurant. It has a very cosy and authentic atmosphere. Enjoy our tasty specialty beers or delicious home-made meals. Discover the unique and historical setting with a unique view across our brewing hall. On a sunny day you can sit outside on our terrace, surrounded by the brewing kettles. 

Our kitchen team ensures that all our dishes are perfectly matched with our beers! Discover their culinary creativity in our extensive menu. By the way, did you know that our brewery is the only place in the world where you can enjoy an unfiltered Brugse Zot? Straight from the brewing tank. So, visit us with colleagues, friends or family. 

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Straffe Hendrik Tripel Hamburger gerecht
Brasserie Brewery De Halve Maan
Brasserie Waiter Brewery De Halve Maan
Brasserie Brewery De Halve Maan
Brugse Zot Straffe Hendrik cheers
Brewery De Halve Maan entrance Walplein Bruges
Terrace Brewery De Halve Maan
Terrace Brewery De Halve Maan

Closed on Tuesday, 17 January 2023.

Opening hours - Bar

Monday 12h00 - 17h00
Tuesday 12h00 - 17h00
Wednesday 12h00 - 17h00
Thursday 12h00 - 17h00
Friday 12h00 - 17h00
Saturday 11h00 - 21h00
Sunday 11h00 - 17h00


Opening hours - Restaurant

Monday 12h00 - 15h00  
Tuesday 12h00 - 15h00  
Wednesday 12h00 - 15h00  
Thursday 12h00 - 15h00  
Friday 12h00 - 15h00  
Saturday 12h00 - 15h30 18h00 - 21h00
Sunday 12h00 - 15h30  

Menu of the month


Beer pate made with Brugse Zot
Pea soup Saint Germain+ € 3)
Shrimp croquette

Main dishes
Tortellini with herb mascarpone (+ €3)
Flemish beefstew with Brugse Zot Dubbel, with fries and salad
Chicken vol au vent with fries and salad

Nut pie with caramel
Wulveringemse cheese with nuts
Coffee/tea and pastry

Gerecht brasserie Brouwerij De Halve Maan

Au mois de janvier notre brasserie travaille selon un menu adapté, plus limité. 

A la carte

Appetizer Board

Portion of fries with mayo/ketchup €6,50
Portion of "Fuet" Salami  €9,00
Portion mature
“Walhoeve” cheese
The original 
beer paté with bread
Selection of local farm 
Selection of Flemish cold cuts €16,50
Selection of local farm cheeses and cold cuts €17,00
Smoked salmon with toast €16,50
Salad with goat cheese €22,50



Pea soup Saint Germain €7,00
Beer soup €8,00



Homemade cheese croquettes (2)  €12,00
Halve Maan shrimp croquettes (2)  €14,00
The original Brugse Zot beer paté €10,50


Main dishes meat

Chicken and mushrooms in puff pastry with French fries €21,50
Flemish beef stew made with Brugse Zot Dubbel, with French fries €19,50
Spaghetti bolognaise €17,00
Cheeseburger with Zot sauce and French fries €21,50
Rib-eye, with pepper sauce or garden herbs butter, with fries and salad €26,00

Main dishes fish

Shrimp croquettes Halve Maan (3) with fries and salad €21,00
Cod fillet with mustard and breadcrumb crust



Mussels (1 kg) with fries

Mussels "Neeltje Jans" natural €27,00
Mussels "Neeltje Jans" made with Brugse Zot €29,00
Mussels "Neeltje Jans" made with Blanche de Bruges €28,00


Main dishes vegetarian

Cheese croquettes Halve Maan (3), French fries and salad €19,00
Vegetarian burger €20,50


For kids

Spaghetti bolognaise €9,00
Shrimp or cheese croquette (1) with French fries €9,50



Mayonnaise and Ketchup €1,00
Extra cutlery €2,00
Extra portion of bread and butter €2,50



Portion of French fries or pasta or mashed potatoes €5,50
Mixed salad €5,00



Brussels waffle and whipped cream €7,00
Dame Blanche €11,00
Selection of two cheeses €10,00



Brugse Zot Blond, unfiltered, 6% (33cl) €4,00
Brugse Zot Dubbel 7,5% (33cl) €4,30
Straffe Hendrik Tripel 9% (25cl) €4,50
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel 11% (33cl) €4,80
Blanche de Bruges - Brugs Tarwebier €3,50
Sport Zot, non-alcoholic 0,4% (33cl) €4,20


Seasonal beers

Straffe Hendrik Wild (33cl) - wild yeast €4,60
Straffe Hendrik Héritage (75cl) - aged in oak barrels €29,00
Brugse Bok (33cl) - roasted malts €4,00



Hoppy Collins - Blanche de Bruges, gin & lemon €10,00



White wine - Red wine - Rosé wine  
Glass €6,50
Bottle €27,00


Cold drinks

Orange juice Minute Maid € 3,40
Apple juice €3,40
Coca-Cola €3,40
Coca-Cola Zero €3,40
Fanta Orange €3,40
Fuze Tea €3,40
Tonic Nordic Mist €3,40
Chaudfontaine water 0,25l/0,50 l €3,20/€5,50


Hot drinks

Coffee €3,30
Tea €3,30
Coffee Latte €3,40
Real chocolate milk €3,50
Cappuccino €3,50

Fine dining in our brasserie

Come and enjoy our delicious dishes and beers together with colleagues, friends or family in our brasserie.

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